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Have you been chosen as the best man or maid of honor and now it is time to step up and plan the most memorable bachelor or bachelorette party? Let the party planners at Eat, Drink & Be Merry help you with this and Manhattan will be your playground! With 8 of the best bars located around New York City we'll find you either a private party room or arrange an amazing bar crawl. We've been throwing parties for over 15 years and we'll be sure that all your guests, especially the bachelor or the bachelorette will not be disappointed! We plan the best bachelor and bachelorette parties in New York City. From the Upper West side down to Greenwich Village and the West Village, and from the East Village to the Upper East Side – we’ve got you covered.

The Wicked Pub Crawl is one of our most popular bachelor and bachelorette party options. This is an all-inclusive evening that gets you out and around New York City from the Upper East Side to the West Village. Your night would kick off with a family style dinner and a premium open bar at The Stumble Inn on the Upper East Side or The Gin Mill on the Upper West Side. Following dinner and the start of the open bar a limo will arrive with stripper(s) or a sex educator. After the show, your party has access to all eight of our bars (Off The Wagon, Down The Hatch, The Gin Mill, Jake's Dilemma, The Stumble Inn, Hair Of The Dog, 3 Sheets Saloon and The 13th Step) for the rest of the open bar. The open bar lasts a total of four-and-a-half hours and the limo is reserved for six hours from the time of pick up. Our Wicked Pub Crawl has rightfully gained the reputation of being one of the craziest ways to celebrate bachelor and bachelorette parties in New York City!

If you're interested in doing a bar crawl but the Wicked Pub Crawl isn't right for you then you can check out our Village Bar Crawl. This is a walking bar crawl around Greenwich Village that lasts 3 hours and includes an open bar at Off The Wagon, 3 Sheets Saloon and Down The Hatch. If you have heard anything about bachelor and bachelorette parties in New York City, you know you are in for a good time. All the bars are within 5 minutes from one another and are the liveliest bars in the neighborhood!

Maybe a bar crawl isn't what you're looking for the bachelor or bachelorette party and you would rather rent a private party room. We can help you with that. With 9 private party rooms around Manhattan we'll find you the right space for what you're looking to do. The Vice Room in The 13th Step located in New York City’s East Village is one of our most popular venues for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Like most of our rooms it has a private rest room, fully stocked bar, sound system and plasma screen TVs. You and your guests can enjoy a buffet of party foods such as buffalo wings, sliders, mac & cheese wedges, cocktail franks etc... while enjoying a full open bar. You might prefer a room like The Living Room located in Jake's Dilemma on the Upper West Side also referred to as "The Library." It is known for it's cozy feel with couches and tables around the room. The room is on the main level in the back, so you have the best of both worlds-a private party space and easy access to all the amenities of the main bar. Most of our spaces, such as the ones listed above along with The Speakeasy in The Gin Mill, The Oak Cellar in Jake's Dilemma, The Virtue Room in The 13th Step, and The East Wing in The Stumble Inn we could arrange an entertainment show. Our party room entertainment options would be a sex educator to teach you all the tricks and tips you'll need to know to make a successful marriage or a lively stripper show that will have everyone blushing.

We are called Eat, Drink & Be Merry for a reason and it's because no one will be disappointed at your bachelor/bachelorette party. There will be plenty of food, drinks and partying happening! Give us a call to discuss any of the options above in further detail. We look forward to working with you!

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