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Bachelor Party Village Bar Crawl

May 2, 2015 - by

Hi Ladies, I've been to almost every bar/restaurant in NYC that you work with.  The service that you, the management group, and the staff at the restaurants is transcendent; there's a genuine sentiment that resonates from all of you and your desire to provide a great time. Christine was great, Howie was great, and Sarah from 3 Sheets was great. My brother, the soon-to-be groom, and his entire group really enjoyed the Village Bar Crawl. Will definitely recommend to friends.  See you around. Thank you! -Nathan

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24th Birthday Party at The Oak Cellar

May 2, 2015 - by

Hello! Sorry for the late response. I am so happy to say that everything went fantastically. The space was perfect, the food was delicious and everyone had a truly awesome time. Lauren and I received so many compliments for putting everything together, all the guests were really impressed that we were able to find a great location, with an open bar and food for everyone for such an affordable price. The music hook up was great as well as the projector, the beer pong table kept everyone entertained.  most of all though the staff was so friendly, and accommodating they worked with us so well and made sure we had everything we needed. The bartender was really great as well. It was a huge success Lauren said it was one of her best birthday experiences ever. Thank you guys so much! -J

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Going Away Party at The Vice Room

April 24, 2015 - by

Thank you so SO much for helping me set up what was a great going away! i had strict requirements and a very tight timeframe, and it couldn't not have gone better! i mean that, truly. that back room at 13th step was PERFECT... and we had no trouble meeting the minimum thanks to you guys getting it down for us. so seriously... can't thank you enough! it was perfect!!!!  I will def. be using you guys again in the future. that room really is so nice... and the bathroom was huge! lol. -Kristin

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Bachelor Party at The Oak Cellar

April 18, 2015 - by

I want to say that going through Eat, Drink and Be Merry for my bachelor party dinner was a great decision.  The food was great, drinks were on point.  The bar tender had vast knowledge on the drinks for the evening.  All of my friends and myself had a great time.  I will recommend your services to all of my friends.  I will definitely use your services again.  Thanks again,  Carlos   

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1st Birthday Party at The East Wing

April 11, 2015 - by

Hi Christine, Niki and Brittany, We would just like to say THANK YOU with immense sincerity for helping us book, coordinate and throw our daughter her first birthday party!  Wow...what an awesome experience!  Everything was a smashing success, and you were spot on with all your advice - right down to knowing the quesadillas wouldn't really be eaten much and knowing that only one salad was enough!  We had a ton of the quesadillas leftover, and I'm happy to say that I will be eating them in solitary glee, all week long! :) Also, a special thank you and a massive compliment to Lindsay.  She is a master party manager, bartender, hostess, etc. and she answered questions, made us comfortable and assisted us in every possible way.  Amazing at her job! We would 100% recommend you, EDBM, and Lindsay to any and all who seek a suggestion for where to have a party. In fact, if you have a Yelp page or have another place you like to have reviews posted, we'd be happy to write one. Thanks for making this day special for our family.   All the best J

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30th Birthday Party at The East Wing

April 3, 2015 - by

Hello Ladies, My 30th Birthday party was a HUGE success. The East Wing provided the perfect atmosphere. All the guests gave me compliments and wanted to know how I found the place. I really appreciated how easy it was to get in contact with EDBM prior to the event. Niki provided me with wonderful tips and plenty of information way beforehand so I hardly had any questions but when I did they were answered swiftly. On The day of the party I was contacted by Ryan, our host, who let me know that he was completely filled in on the requests I made and wanted to answer any last minute questions I had (which I did) and he completely set my mind at ease. I loved the fact that everyone worked with me to ensure the night would run smoothly. My biggest concern was the food. I had never been to any event at the East Wing before so of course I was hoping the food would be decent. I was BLOWN AWAY at how amazing everything was. The appetizers were to die for and the dinner hot and delicious. Everything felt decadent. Ryan was such a pleasure, he was funny and courteous. He made the bar the highlight of the night. Ocho was also amazing. He helped me set up when we first arrived and kept everything running smoothly. I never had to ask him for anything, he always had the next move in mind. The service from these 2 men was excellent. My experience with EDBM was incredible and because of you my event was FLAWLESS. My best friend is turning 30 and I'm hoping to throw her surprise party here at the East Wing. I also have a co-worker who's interested in throwing her husband a 50th birthday bash and wanted information about EDBM which I am happy to give. Thank you for making my 30th memorable.  Sincerely, Natasha

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