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At Eat, Drink, & Be Merry, we offer a number of different options for bachelorette parties. The Girls Night Out in New York City is a very popular option. Girls night out parties are the newest addition to our private parties and it is a perfect fit for bachelorette parties or to just have a night out with your girls. This is an all-inclusive evening that gets you out and around New York City -- from the Upper East Side to Greenwich Village. It offers some private time, as well as time to party in some of the most popular bars in New York City.

You night would kick off with a full dinner and premium open bar at The Stumble Inn on the Upper East Side, The Gin Mill on the Upper West Side, or Down The Hatch in Greenwich Village. The premium open bar includes everything from Grey Goose martinis, to margaritas on the rocks, to your favorite microbrews. The options are endless -- there are no limitations on what type of booze or drink you can order.

Following dinner and the start of the open bar, a limo will arrive. If you would like to have entertainment, you can choose from a couple of outrageous choices. The most conventional option is to have the most classic of bachelorette enticements -- the stripper. Your stripper would be waiting for your guests in the limousine and would titillate all party members en route to the next bar. Another option that has proven to be very popular among girls-only groups is to have a sex educator guide the members of your party through an x-rated, yet informative lesson on how to please your man.

After the show is over, your party will have access to all seven of our bars (Off The Wagon in Greenwich Village, Down The Hatch in Greenwich Village, The Gin Mill on the Upper West Side, Jake's Dilemma on the Upper West Side, The 13th Step in the East Village, 3 Sheets Saloon in Greenwich Village, Hair Of The Dog in the Lower East Side & The Stumble Inn on the Upper East Side) for the rest of the open bar. The limo is reserved for 6 hours from the time of pick up, so the limo will wait for you as you go to all the bars. Whether you choose to keep your Girls Night Out in Greenwich Village or travel all over Manhattan -- this package is always a crowd favorite.

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